Titanium Foil

       The density of titanium is 4.506-4.516g/cm^3, melting point is 1668, boiling point is 3535. In the appropriate oxidizing environment, titanium also has excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, titanium products are widely used in aerospace structural materials, such as aircraft, rockets, missiles and spacecraft, ship manufacture, chemical industry, conventional weapons, manufacturing, metallurgical industry, health care, ultra-high vacuum and other fields.

       Titanium foil was produced by rolling. Titanium foil is metal foil and one kind of titanium products. Titanium foil has a wide application.

       Properties of titanium foil:
       Titanium foil has low coefficient of thermal conductivity, no magnetic property and no toxin. Titanium foil also has good heat resistance, excellent ductility and stable performance.

       Applications of titanium foil:Titanium foil is used in sound film and so on.

       Size: 0.025mm min


       Standard: ASTM B265 ,ASTM B863

       Technology: cold rolled 

N max0.
C max0.
H max0.050.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.015
Fe max0.
O max0.180.250.350.